Does this Deauville look authentic?

  1. Looks authentic to me so far. But get more pics. Like interior pictures.

  2. the lv's look green
  3. Hehe, coming from someone who couldn't take good pictures.;) . Come on. How could the LV's be green color? Is it just me or am I color blind?? It looks fine to me, in fact the pictures simply had flash taken on them (at least).

  4. Yep, it looks authentic from those pictures, but as another poster said you should see the font on the interior stamp. I guess you can say the LV's have a goldish/greenish tint in some pictures, but there isn't anything wrong with that bag.
  5. Looks good to me as well...I just sold that bag!!
  6. looks real to me! :smile:
  7. Ya. Looks authentic. I can see the lines on the LV's and flowers that go from bottom left to top right... know what I mean? ;)