Does this Choo even exist?

  1. I posted a while back in the general bag forum (before there was a Jimmy Choo forum) that I was wondering if small independent high end boutiques would sell fakes. There is one in my neighborhood that has a Jimmy Choo bag in the window that I've never seen before.

    It is a red Ramona but the straps that weave through the bag are not leather. They are made out of some sort of woven cloth, like a belt. I'll try and get a picture. I just looked on and don't see this particular bag. Has anyone ever seen it?

    I still haven't gone into the boutique. I always seem to be by there when they are closed since my brother lives across the street and I usually go over there at night. So all I'm really looking at is the bag in the window but I've never seen it before.

    Edit: I think I found it on Net-a-Porter so maybe it is authentic.
  2. That is one gorgeous bag! :nuts:
  3. Zophie, I just got a call from my SA in Chicago telling me she got one Burgandy Ramona XL in today. (see e-mail). I don't know if I would feel comfortable purchasing it from a small boutique unless it has been around for awhile. But here are the photos she sent to me.

    Hi Robyn,

    Hope this finds you well. I left a voicemail earlier this morning but wanted to follow up with a picture of the fabulous bag we just got in . . . As a true Choo fan, perhaps you have heard of the Ramona XL? I think she is regarded as something of an urban legend in many fashion circles; having sold out so quickly the first time around that she is now thought of by many as the one that got away! We received a reorder today containing just one of these elusive bags, and given that you are such a connoisseur I wanted to make sure you had first go-around. The bag is done in a beautiful, warm burgundy biker leather with a woven web strap encircling the top, and is a larger version of your beloved Ramona style. I think she is meant to be yours! Please give me a call soon to discuss as we have several other girls anxious to get their hands on this stunner.

    Can’t wait to hear what you think!

    All Best,

    Casey McDermott
    Sales Associate
    Jimmy Choo – Chicago
  4. There are also pics of the Ramona XL in our ref library, under catalogue pics and celebs with their Choos.
  5. I wasn't planning on buying it but I was just concerned that they weren't selling authentic bags because I might want to buy from them in the future. According to what I've read online the boutique has a good reputation though and they sell shoes and clothing too. One of these days I WILL actually get myself in there.
  6. ^^Sorry, was on my BlackBerry earlier and did not get to finish. Wireless access very glitchy tonight. :rolleyes:

    Zophie, the Ramona XL is pretty big, like weekender size. Below is a pic of Mandy Moore wearing one, and someone in another thread mentioned that she is 5'10". I'm just mentioning this because I remember the pics you posted of you with your Riki (which looked great on you!), and I seem to recall that you are very petite.

  7. Perhaps the best way to find out for sure is to call Jimmy Choo directly to see if this boutique is an authorized dealer.
  8. It's a pretty new bag, so I doubt they would be selling fakes of it yet. I fist saw it on Mandy Moore no more than a month ago.
  9. Hi. i saw it on Jennifer Lopez. it look stunning on her, also in the red that you posted. I have no pic at the moment, but i post if i found it.:rolleyes:
  10. yeah, Cosmopolitan, I think that bag is waaay to big for me! Riki is about as big as I'll go.

    I have thought about calling Jimmy Choo and asking them but when I've had to call them before just having problems with an order I didn't really get much help and finally called a Jimmy Choo store in Houston.
  11. I found the picture. :yahoo: It looks stunning on her :nuts:
  12. ^^ wow!!
  13. =D Yes it definantly looks great on her. I want one now too ;)
  14. well the one in the window of the boutique is gone. Now they have some Marni bag there that looks like it has a robot on it or something.