Does this checkbook wallet exist?

  1. I'm on a mission to accessorize my *plum ergo*

    Last weekend i posted a thread about accessorizing it.. and i found a wristlet that i like... but its not exactly what i want.. below is the wristlet...

    What i want is a checkbook cover wallet thing that is plum, but not plain. I'd like a little contrast... I've seen a few plain ones on eBay and they just arent doing it for me..

    Does anyone know if there was a checkbook wallet that looked like this wristlet below? Or has the same thing going on with the colors and the pattern?

  2. do you have a style number ? I believe so....
  3. You can get the wallet ergo in either signature or just leather.
    here is the leather, and it did come in plum ( see attachment)
    ... [​IMG]

    here is signature..
  4. Yes, it sure does. There are a couple at my outlet right now. The Cabazon outlet in Ca. Good luck!!
  5. I think it does I remember seeing some at Nordstroms
  6. OMG!!! BagFetish!! I LOVE IT!

    Thank you!

    And to everyone else who helped, Thank you as well! I'll keep an eye out for it!
  7. ^^ good luck!
  8. Actually there never was an ergo checkbook wallet, but the slim envelope does have plenty of pockets in it to fit a checkbook. Hope this helps!
  9. These were quite a few at the outlet, they were khaki and plum just like the wristlet you posted. They had check book, and small wallets.
  10. So i bought the wristlet from eBay! And I have to ban myself until next month! So i'm going to be on the lookout for the slim envelope wallet - I have a couple outlets not to far away..I love it.. I'm so obsessive too.. I just have to have it now.. but i'm trying to *wait*

    Thanks ladies for your help!
  11. Hi
    Can you tell me the item number for your signature with patent wallet!!
    I am looking for that wallet in black--I got the skinny mini and the wristlet but haven't found the wallet yet!!