Does this Chanel bag exist?

  1. I was in the grocery store today & I saw this lady with a Chanel bag that I fell in love with. I’ve looked everywhere online, Chanel, eBay, bag borrow or steal, and a bunch of fakes websites & I can’t find this bag anywhere, so I’m hoping some of you know if it exist in the real thing or not.

    It was plain black leather. It was a shoulder bag in a medium size. It was slightly slouchy kind of like a hobo with a rounded bottom, I have no clue how to explain it. Then almost @ the top it had like belt loops with a white belt & in the middle of the belt it had the black double C’s logo that was studded. The belt was wide & about an inch or two from the top of the bag. Then at the bottom of the straps it had like square metal plates that connect the straps to the purse that had the double C’s logo on them.

    I hope I explained it good enough for someone to recognize it. Does Chanel really make this bag or was it fake & if it’s real what is it called & how much to they retail for? I was like the perfect bag & i'm dying to have it now.
  2. studded Chanel lettering?
    I've never seen that before.
  3. The closest thing I can think of is the Rock & Chain hobo:
  4. ^Not studded though, but the bag you speak of doesn't really match any of the other lignes.