does this BR bag look like a YSL muse knockoff?


    when i first saw it i immediately thought of the muse...does it have that same effect on you guys? feels weird to carry a bag that i feel is somewhat of a knockoff...

    that style in croc-embossed leather though is just so gorgeous....if you guys know where i can find the YSL version of it, i'd love to know!
  2. Kind of, but not really. It seems more like a basic bowler to me. I love the red croc one :tup:
  3. the shape is similar but then a lot of bags are. I wouldn't call it a knockoff though because it's different enough.
  4. Besides the dome shape, I really don't see any similarities with the Muse- the trim and materials are sufficiently different to make it another bag entirely.
  5. When I saw it, it reminded me of the muse.
  6. Not really. The Muse isn't exactly an innovative and new shape for bags, it's just well known and recognizable. Yes, there are similarities between the two, but that's the case for tons of bags. I don't think the BR bag is trying to copy the Muse.
  7. It reminds me more of the bulga bags
  8. I agree. The BR bag has also been featured in a number of magazines as a classy bag in its own right, not as a less expensive version of something else. We cannot condemn another bag for using the classic bowler shape simply because YSL made one, too!
  9. I don't think it looks like YSL at all...

    A design that basic can't be accused of being a knockoff IMO. YSL wasn't the first to do a bowler bag and they won't be the last. I wouldn't worry about it...
  10. I dont think it looks like a muse knock off to me, it looks like a classic style bag and thats what similiar to the muse. if someone was carrying it my first thought wouldnt be copied muse.
  11. I think the Muse and the BR bag share the same shape, which is a very basic and somewhat common shape for a bag. if the handles, seaming, lack of buckles at the bottom, matches the Muse, then it would look a little more like a knockoff, I guess.
  12. I agree with the other posters. It's a basic shape that has been used in other bags before. Besides, designers riff on each others bags all the time.
  13. It does look like the muse a bit, it has the resemblance. I definitley wouldn't consider it to be a knockoff or anything like that.
  14. I have the Muse in chocolate brown and while the BR bag shares some of the style elements I wouldn't call it a knock off. It's a pretty bag (especially the red!) and if you like it, go for it!