Does This Bother You?


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Feb 10, 2006
I wanted to buy a Cole Haan tote at Nordstrom Rack the other day, but they had written a number - six digits or so - in permanent black marker in a very noticeable spot on the lining, near the zippered pocket. I am sure this is done to prevent some type of scam (it's only done on some bags, not all) but it really annoys me. I do not want to buy a bag that has been defaced in this way. True, it is on sale, but even so....I still expect to get a bag in brand-new, unmarked condition as the condition of the bag has nothing to do with why it is on sale.

Does this bother anyone else? Does it stop you from buying the bag?
This is kind of why I don't like sells. ANY time something is half off, discount, or sale I get a weird feeling. Kind of like it's worth x amount of money, why is sold for so much less? I wish they would just be more honest, because a lot of people would still buy it with the marks.
Could that bag have been a display item ? It sounds like it might have been a partial sku written on there, so that shoppers could touch that particular bag and purchase one that comes from the back room.

Anyways, it doesn't really bother me so, although I would feel more satifsified with such a purchase if it had a significant discount ! ;)
They clearly only do it on certain brands/designers. They are not display items...just end of the season sales. The numbers are very noticeable. In this instance, written on a light pink lining. It's very obvious when you look into the bag. The way I feel is that they take a perfectly good bag and deface it in a very noticeable way. If you need to 'mark' a bag to prevent it being returned elsewhere for a higher refund...there are much more discreet ways of doing it. It would be bother me a lot to open my bag and see big, black numbers staring back at me every time. They would have to mark it down A LOT more to get me to even consider it. And at that, I think it would still bother me every time I opened my bag.
They also do it when its the end of the season, with clothing they sometimes cut the fabric in the back, or hightlight the label with a marker.
Ayla has a point this can happen with display items too !!
I understand the reasons for marking the bag, but I also feel that have the black marker in the lining does make it less desirable. I would worry that the marker could somehow bleed onto the leather exterior.
I've seen this before, and it does bother me. But if I really like the bag, I'll just buy it anyways. I'd rather they not have those icky black numbers though. What's the point of it exactly?
it would def. bother me. I would figure there are plenty of bags in the world, and I can find something similar later that wasn't deliberately defaced
I repeat...these were not display bags. It was not a partial sku number. They are marked in this manner to prevent the bag from being returned for full price.

I guess I am in the minority, but I still don't see the point of buying a bag with large, black numbers written in permanent marker in a place clearly visible any time you glance inside the bag. The sale price isn't anywhere near enough to warrant tolerating that, especially because you could get a non-defaced bag at a comparable discount with a little bit of hunting.
It would bother me - I would not buy a bag I really loved with that kind of marking on it. I would consider it if it was an extremely good price on a bag I liked, but not loved, and would not have bought otherwise. But probably not if the marking was very obvious, like a black pen on a white bag.