does this bother you??

  1. Does it bother anyone that the top area of Spanx tights is darker than the rest? (I'm referring to the area that's supposed to hold you in near the hips area). I'm having trouble wearing my Spanx tights with some of my shorter tunics/dresses!! Do they make any tights without that?
  2. I know exactly what you mean. I absolutely love my Spanx footless tights, and I would love to wear them under tunics or shorter dresses. Unfortunately, the darker support panty shows. And I don't even need/want the support.

    I have other tights and leggings to wear, but I just love the fit and feel of Spanx.
  3. I hate when tights/hose have that thicker/darker part at the top. I don't have any spanx but I try to avoid that whenver I can.
  4. I'm pretty sure Spanx comes in non-support uppers too. You may have to hunt for them, but I think they do exist.