Does this *bay question sound like a prelude to a scam?

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  1. I received a very weird question on one of my auctions for a LV monogram vernis bag.

    "Hello, I am looking into this bag for my daughter who is a LV collector. Shes really into the patent vernis and like her bags with a deep Embossing. How deep would you say the embossing is on your bag? Thanks Much"

    Is this ringing any scammer alarm bells? I have searched tPF backwards and forwards and cannot find the *bay user id of the person asking the question. Trying not to be rude, I replied that "I had no idea how to measure depth of embossing (which could at best be subjective) and that she should visit a LV boutique to look over the bags in person."

  2. Could be??? Never know these days on *bay.
    If she asks you to ship it elsewhere - then you might be dealing with a scammer.

    Also - how much feedback does he/she have??? (hopefully not for a cell phone part???)
  3. No cell phone parts, around 300 something feedback in California (allegedly). But the first day of the auction they offered me an unsolicited price for $100 less than opening bid for the handbag and said that they would buy it off Ebay. I always find that fishy.
  4. I find that a very strange question and answering it one way or another could come back to haunt you. I personally do not know why anybody would conduct business outside of eBay where you get no protection unless they are out to scam you. I know it can be tempting to not have to pay the fees associated with a purchase, but I would never do it myself as a seller.

    Good luck in your decision. I personally would block this person.
  5. OMG! I would never accept an offer for an LV outside of *bay, not with the present climate. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I thought I remembered the "depth of embossing" issue discussed on this board as either related to a scam or a chargeback. ITA with your excellent advice! :heart:
  6. Yes. Block this person.
  7. they sound like they are up to something--asking weird questions, offering to buy it outside of ebay and low-balling you. I agree--block and don't bother answering.
  8. I think it's completely weird, but probably not a scam per se. I still wouldn't sell to them because it sounds like they are a PITA if she's asking about embossing depth and is a collector...
  9. Thanks for the great advice! Even if it is not a scam in the making, I am in no mood for a PITA either. My tolerance for *bay BS is at a historic all time low... :boxing:
  10. :shrugs:
    i dunno, i like deep embossing. i would think she should be able to tell the depth of the embossing from pictures though.
  11. I dont understand what it is about this message that you are concerned about... Simple question no?
  12. It sounds like a legit question to me, as the depth of the embosing varies depending on the batch it was made from. I would not however sell to her outside of ebay, to much of a risk.
  13. Simple question? Well please enlighten me on how one measures the depth of embossing on an LV? Is there a magic ruler? And since the buyer is obviously too cheap to buy from LV directly where she could see the purse and make the determination herself, could my answer not open up a can of worms if she decided after the sale to say "the embossing was deep, but not deep enough" since she was allegedly buying it for her daughter?

    In light of the present climate on *bay, this bidder feels like trouble one way or another.