does this bag look good or bad on me?! please help!

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Does it look good or bad on me and my fat butt?

  1. return it, it's not flattering

  2. keep it, it looks fine

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I don't love the shape of the bag, TBH, but you look just fine! So a 'return it' minus the not flattering bit.
  2. my roommate thinks the BROWN JENRIGO is "dressier, sexier" than the MONTINI !!!

    .........i was all ready to return the jenrigo and keep the montini but now... should i do the reverse???!!!

    Or keep both and sell my kidney?!


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  3. OMG Linda, is that a black pug puppy??
  4. Sorry, I think it looks disproportionately large on your shorter stature. It almost reminds me of a mega large backpack with clumsy straps....but I've never cared for really huge bags. Your but looks fine.:smile:
  5. I think it's a little on the big side, but if you love it, then that's what matters:smile: And I don't think you should worry too much about your butt!
  6. :tup: looking good, keeper!
  7. Looks like a keeper to me. Very nice bag. And you wear it well. :biggrin:
  8. I like it.

    I like big bags (and very small ones too) and I don't think it's too big.

    You do NOT have a big butt, girl
  9. You rock it! I happen to like it and it looks great on you and you do not have a big butt! Just curious, who makes the bag?
  10. It's a real nice bag but I think it would look better carried over your shoulder. It just doesn't sit right in the crook of your arm. Can you post a photo of it over your shoulder?
  11. I like it and think it looks good on you!
  12. I like slouchy bags so I rather like this on you although it is a bit too big for my taste.
  13. I like it alot, but then I'm a fan of big bags , so I say it's a keeper!

    (I used to think a bag couldn't be too big until I saw the up and coming MK's! Those things are HUGE!!)
  14. I think it looks just fine on you.
  15. Thanks everyone!!!

    Ps. Hey BgaHolic its some italian co called MONTINI... (My JENRIGO is also an I never heard of it italian bag company. I feel like italy makes the best handbags. Even their low end bags are nice quality!)