Does this bag have legacy lining?

  1. Hi! So i know this bag came out forever ago and im really far behind in falling in love with it BUT its just so cute! :love: Does anyone have this bag in any color? Do any of the colors have the legacy lining? I havent decided on a color yet and if there is one w/ that lining that would have to be the one! Does anyone have this bag and love/hate it? :shrugs: Thanks!
  2. I had this bag but I ended up returning it. I don't remember it having the legacy lining.
  3. thanks! anyone else know?
  4. Ooooo I know! i know for sure! i know! i know! I have the one in gold/khaki! Sorry, it doesn't have the legacy lining. For my gold/khaki, its kinda like darkwhitish inside the bag, its not white but its kinda like light peachish or darkwhitish color.
  5. I think that I remember the lining in the bag just being brown.
  6. Yep, I'm pretty sure that's right- brown lining....