Does this bag have a name?

  1. I can't find the name in the paperwork.

    For TPF 005.jpg
  2. Cross body bag paddington?
  3. Yup, cross-body paddington!
  4. THat's a pretty color.
  5. Gorgeous!! I'd love one in white. Where did you get it?
  6. This is a gorgous bag, I love this style
  7. Thanks, purchased from Nieman Marcus. They said it was a last year model. The papers say Mastic for the color.
  8. Very pretty! Didn't NM call that the Tall Paddington?
  9. it's lovely!
  10. Mastic is my favorite Chloe "white". Gorgeous cross buckle paddy. I have the tall Paddy and they look very similar.