Does this bag existed ?

  1. Hey Guys,
    I have a question on authenticity of a bag that was carried by Miley Cyrus ( she's the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus ). Anyways I was looking through GettyImages....and her picture was on the front page, and naturally being a bag-addict I focused in on her purse and after looking at it for awhile....I'm questioning if it's real ? The bag looks kinda odd but I'm not really sure, so I've come to ask the bag experts on this forum.

    Is this bag real ?:shrugs:
    normal_hq001.jpeg normal_hq051.jpeg normal_lq001.jpeg
  2. I really don't think that's a MJ looks a lot like the east west stam that's new...but that bag doesn't have the multipocket. I think it's some sort of "inspired by" bag.

  3. I thoughts so...I knew it looked kinda sketchy but I wasn't sure...thanks for the clarification.:smile: