Does this bag exist?

  1. I asked this in an existed thread but I decided just to make a new one since I wasnt getting any responses. I hope thats okay.

    I called the outlet in Wrentham, MA to see if they knew when they are going to get any of the Legacy bags in. The SA said no, they get stuff in everybody but they don't know a head of time what it is. Now this is the confusing part to me. She said they had a few in now, a black signature satchel and a black signature flap bag. Now I don't remember the 2007 signature satchels coming in black signature, just the khaki and the chocolate. I asked her was she sure it was the 2007 and she said yes. I asked her if the front to pockets had the belt closer, like the 2006, or the turnlock and she said the turnlock. So does a black sig. satchel with turnlock pockets exist?
  2. I dont think the '07 turnlock satchels came in black sig. either. (I used to hae the t'07 turnlock in brown sig., so I knew all the colors they came in while I was deciding which one to buy) I would try calling back tomorrow, maybe you'll get a different SA who can explain what they have a little better.
  3. Was it style #11143? I have this one in Brown/brown sig. I don't remember if it came in Black Sig or not. The attached pic is the Khaki Sig from the Drilldown.
  4. ^^She said it was black on black signature.
  5. Ask for the style number and then you can put it in the drilldown or ask on here.