Does this bag exist?

  1. I came across this bag and since I am fairly new to coach.. it looks authentic and everything but I have only seen the new denim patchwork, and this didn't come out on the drilldown.. anybody know?? :confused1: TIA

  2. yes, its the 2006 summer denim patchwork shoulder tote
  3. okay, thanks!! does anyone own it, or have any comments on it at all? I kind of like it.. I am starting to like the totes, just can't decide...
  4. it's a department store bag. cute and thought about but i ccan wait.
  5. it's VERY cute, I think it's cuter than this years denim patchwork. they sell pretty high on eBay, did you find a good deal on one?
  6. not yet.. but I hadn't seen that style yet.. I really like the denim stripe shoulder tote #11182 that is a dept store only this year, it is not the patchwork, but I haven't seen that in real life either. I like the leather on the bottom to protect, and I think the patchwork is really cute!!
  7. one of my good friends got it last year and still carries it all the time and its in perfect condition so it doesnt dirty easily at all. i think its adorable !
  8. Hi. One thing is that when you look for this bag, make sure the front matches the back. Alot of the fakes have a signature back side. Amonst other things.

    Last time I saw one sell on eBay that was NWT it went for over $400 I think.
  9. This is one of the only patchwork Coach bags I have ever really liked. Too cute!
  10. Somehow the patchwork looks a little off to me. Is it possible to get a picture of the interior of the bag, preferably with a shot of the creed? These indigo patchwork bags should have a dark blue lining. 99% of fakes have cheap looking polyester lining stamped with C's or the Coach insignia, usually in black or gold.
  11. Is it a dept. store exclusive?

    I swear I saw one at the outlet back in March!:confused1:
  12. I adore that bag...I almost bought it but decided against it!
  13. I have this bag and loving it. Roomy and will not dirty easily.
  14. never seen it myself...
  15. I almost bought this bag last year...they had it at the coach boutique but it was very hard to find at the it!