Does this bag exist or did I dream it up? (WARNING ugly drawing inside)

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  1. So I saw this bag, don't remember where or when, maybe I didn't see it all but it just occured in my mind independently. I think it's white and definetly not quilted, with big CC logo, part of which is on the flap and part of the main body of the bag (sorry can't describe it any better). I looked through most of the reference library but couldn't find anything like it.
    I am attaching a very amateur drawing so you get the idea of what I'm talking about.
    IF this bag exist, anyone know which collection it's from? What's the name?
    Or maybe I should just put it in Karl's suggestion box. :idea:
    mystery bag.JPG
  2. hey mozzarella, lucky for u it was not just a dream :yahoo:. The bag definitely looks like the "diagonal cc" flap from the same line. I have the same bag in a grey color and just look it, the calfskin is soooo supple and rich.

    I know there have been a few threads about this bag, so just do a search under "diagonal cc" chanel and u should be able to find all the info u need.
  3. That is just hilarious that you drew a picture of the bag!!
  4. :jammin: You are right! I found it! I am not crazy ... wow... that's one fantastic bag, so many colours too! However 3000$... :shrugs:
  5. Dont lose hope, not all the bags from that line are 3000K+. The flap is around or just under 2000K, :push:
  6. Yeah, but the one I drew, the one I crave :drool: is about 3000, which is quite a lot for no obvious reason. Which one do you have? Did you post any photos of it? Omg, this line is so modern and beautiful it's insane :love:
  7. I have the flap from cruise, which was around $1895. It's the most beautiful blue/gray color. Dont have pics yet. been tryin to get SO to help me take photos. You might just want to try it on ;)
  8. I LOVE that drawing. I've never seen a member's drawing on tPF before. We could have all sorts of fun with "artwork" ... :graucho: Rather than trying to describe bags, we could draw them. Great idea.
  9. LMAO!LOVE the drawing....hehehe...Its a good I knew what bag it was instantly.......LOL!
  10. Awww hehehe, you didn't dream it ;)
  11. You did a great job!! Yes, I recognized it right away. That Diagonal CC ligne is crazy expensive.
  12. just wanted to say, your drawing is too cute!