Does this bag even EXIST?

  1. so i just got home from my cousin's dinner party at a nice restaurant and i cant help but notice one of her well dressed friends carrying the damier speedy azur. the thing is, hers had the brass hardware (corners) and even had the front pocket-just like the MC speedy. basically, it looked exactly like the MC speedy but in damier azur.

    the reason why im asking is because i know that this bag is fairly new and i have not yet heard of LV making such a style.

    but how am i to a newb here and you gals are the experts. :smile:

    i got a pic of it on my phone so if it comes out well, ill post it.

  2. That sounds like a fake!
  3. thats what i said! i was also thinking, "i need to take a pic and share this with the gals on TPF."

  4. yep fake!
  5. eeeeek!!!! :shocked:
  6. lmao a hybrid:roflmfao::borg1:
  7. It's fake like the others have said :tdown:
  8. eeeewwww!!! Thats horrible!
  9. they're pretty quick on making replicas. didn't this just come out?
  10. Oooh!! Wasn't a pic of another woman carrying this fake posted on the forum sometime recently??
  11. Thought so.
  12. :wtf:
  13. Wow- that's one one of the fugliest bags I've seen in quite some time!
  14. i think that is a fake :tdown: