Does this bag come with a mirror?

  1. I ordered this bag on Saturday from Bluefly and I received it today. They sent it out Monday and I received it in California today. It was sent 2 day and I paid 7.95 for shipping...I received it much faster then I expected.

    My question is does this style come with a mirror?

    Thanks as always!!
  2. I bought mine at a BV store and it had no mirror with it. I love this bag--so practical and roomy and a handle with substance.
  3. thanks...I got the bag and I was wondering what happened to the mirror! I was about to call bluefly then I figured I would ask you amazing PFers and get the facts!!
  4. I don't know what price point they use to determine when mirrors are included. My Campana has a mirror and the bag in my avatar has one, but other smaller or less expensive bags (and this tote cost plenty) didn't come with them.
  5. SAs told me only the classic comes with a mirror. She has to retract this statement that 4 bags I bought, classic or not, did not come with a mirror !!! My luck?

    The bags that I bought are - a Black laced Veneta, an Ebano Cocker (Classic), my Old Petra Roma (Classic). Another seasonal design in Ebano Weave (subsequently returned) also did not come with a mirror!

    She was puzzled to realise this. She tried to get a mirror for me but wasn't able to no spares were available!
  6. ^^^^horrible! They should get them shipped from Venice for you!!
  7. My Limo Veneta (medium) came with matching mirror but not my Cocker Poudre. Both are considered classics and the Cocker certainly cost way more than the med Veneta. Not sure how this mirror thing works. :shrugs:
  8. I asked a SA about the mirrors once and she said that even they don't always know which bags will have mirrors, but the rule of thumb is that the classic woven icon bags have them, but not the fashion bags, and the cervo and napa leather bags.
  9. ^^ other words, with my Campanas- the woven in Ebano came with a matching mirror, and the black one in Catalano leather did not.