Does this bag come in the next larger size?

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  1. Other than the ones with the designs on it? I love this style bag and I love the brown leather with the braided strap. I didn't see it on the website, but I figure I could have missed it somewhere or sometime. Still trying to decide on a new bag....


  2. Try Macy's or Nordstroms, sometimes they get styles that Coach doesn't get. I have the Signature Soho Flap and the larger size I got at Nordie's.
  3. Thats what i was going to say try Nordstroms or Macys. I know i saw the large braided hobo at Macys last night. But check there or an outlet.
  4. I actually just got a larger one at the COACH outlet 2 weeks ago for WAY below what it retailed (not at the flagship stores anymore). It was $365 marked at $220 with additional 20% off. It looks like this:
    i LOOOOVE it. It's my first larger handbag and I can fit a book, bottle of water, hand lotion, and iPod along with the usuals such as my wallet, lipgloss, lip balm, and makeup compact :kiss:
  5. I've seen the non-braided larger version of these at the outlets in PA and MA.

    o/t, but Coach Superfan, that's such a pretty bag!
  6. Thanks for the tips! I'll try our Nordstroms and then I'll hit the outlet

    Thats a beautiful bag!!! Love the matching wristlet!:smile:
  7. Dillards had those at 25% off when I went a couple days ago.