Does this B bag have a name??

  1. Steffi - I believe that is called the hook bag.
  2. FYI, they're on sale at NM
  3. Thanks I'll check NM, I found the picture early today they had it for 950 on BF but it's no longer available
  4. If you are after hook bag, Gretta Luxe have rouge vif hook bag on sale last week. (50% off). I love the color but I am not too keen on the style myself. The color is TDF:drool: You can ask for Kelly...she is a lovely SA there.
  5. thanks for the info, I'll check it out
  6. I just sold my lilac hook and it was gorgeous! I'm having a bit of seller's remorse.
  7. They also have this bag on sale at Nordstroms. I believe it was around the same price.