Does this annoy you, too?

  1. Some stores leave SO much stuffing in the MJ bags that they look like they've been filled with helium! I was mentioning this to my SA at Nordstrom, and she commented that she does find that once people take some or all the stuffing out and try their own things in the bag, they are more likely to buy. In fact, I've noticed they now display the bags at my local Nordies with about half as much stuffing, and I think it's so much smarter; you get a better idea of what the bag really looks like! Anyone with me on this?

    Case in point... I recently saw a woman with a fab MJ bag, and it turned out to be a bag I'd seen in person, but NEVER would have purchased because it looked too formed. I didn't even recognize it (it was the Ursula Quilted Hobo). But IRL on her shoulder, it had a nice slouchy hobo look. I bought one a week later.
  2. It is most definitely annoying when you have to dig in to take all of it out to try on, only to have to restuff it back.

    I've also found myself annoyed with bags that aren't stuffed at all because that means if you buy it, there is no spare stuffing to store the bag.
  3. Honestly.. I'd rather have it be overstuffed than understuffed... it's not stuffed for the look of the bag, it's stuffed for shipping purposes... the SAs should be the ones removing half of the stuffing for display purposes.

    If it's understuffed, details of the bags can get bent or even destroyed under the weight of being stuffed into one box.
  4. ^^Agree!

    But, BagHound, you're right it is a pain to dig out all that stuffing to try them on!
  5. Totally agree with you on this... The hobo looks a million times better without the stuffing in it. I never would have guess until I found one that didn't have too much stuffing. It's really cute! thinking I may need to get one too....

    Displays should be understuffed, but sold/sent bags should be overstuffed.
  6. Too much stuffing turns me off.

    I hate having to deconstruct piles of tissue to see what a bag looks like normally.
  7. Totally agree!!! :heart: Emmy
  8. Funny this topic came up! I saw a Prada hobo online that I dearly loved, loved, loved. Because it was stuffed to the gills with tissue it looked so much more structured that it turned out to be. Once I ordered it and got it home, I didn't empty it right away. I just kept looking at it. Once I got all the tissue out and put my stuff in it, it totally changed the shape and how it hung on my shoulder. In this case it was also for the better! I would have loved it either way, but I like a little bit of slouch to my hobo bags. With the stuffing, it didn't look like it had any.

    I also keep the tissue. When I switch out bags, I like to stuff them full before I tuck them into their sleeper bags so they will retain their shape. :yes:
  9. it's annoyg when bags on display are overstuffed but what annoys me more is when i want to try it without the stuffing to see how it looks and the weight of the bag.

    I stand there looking like an idiot taking out the stuffing and it takes awhile. the more annoying part is when i have to deal with an SA that winces and sulks and looks at me like i'm being unreasonable for wantg 2 try the bag with my stuff or see how it looks without the stuffing.

    I"M SORRY I have to fall in love with the bag and try it!! and i'm not carrying my bag around with the stuffing inside!!

    but i agree tha stuffing should be provided when bags are bought. i like to keep my bags well with stuffing in their dustbag so they don't get flattened or out of shape.
  10. Good point, bubbleliciousis. I hate that, too. I fact, sometimes I don't try on bags I want to... just because I don't feel like standing there for five minutes unloading all the stuffing! But I do agree with other posters... I do want the stuffing for storage purposes, but I just don't need to see the bag stuffed with stuffing in the store! :smile:
  11. I noticed that in some stores, they display the bags with stuffing inside, except the stuffing is first put into the sleeper bag, then put into the bag itself. This makes it a lot easier to take out the stuffing and try it on with your own things in it (which I agree is a definite must). It also keeps the stuffing intact (there's nothing worse than seeing a bag with half a shred of crumpled stuffing inside it) and keeps the sleeper bag with the purse.
  12. oh yes i've seen that too! definitely much easier to take out the stuffing that way =)

    but the stuffing can really change the shape of the bag and if i don't like it when i see it displayed, i generally don't think to try it....
  13. If an SA is doing their job they should see you looking at the bag and then pop the stuffing out and offer the bag to you so you can see how your stuff looks in it. The good SAs at Coach always offer this to me. It's only at Saks and the like where I'm reduced to unstuffing and restuffing the bags like a stockboy.
  14. ^ hehe yes that's where i tend to shop.... saks.... and the SA at the MJ counter give me a none too pleasant look when i do that ....

    Once i was at Neiman Marcus while traveling and dashed into the store. saw a bag and tried to do the unstuff procedure. but i got a little nervous coss the store was very empty and the SA stood there behind me and i felt like i was being watched and so i aborted the unstuffing process... =P

  15. Sorry, off topic but SuLi, I love your Avatar. I saw the original painting in Las Vegas about 3 weeks ago. Love it!