Does this Aldo bag look too much like something else?

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  1. ALDO Shoes Online Store - women's shoes & men's shoes, boots, sandals, handbags and more

    In the black.

    It reminds me of two designer bags but I want to know what others think first. I liked it a lot at first but I feel recently really picky about bags and only wanting the ones that get inspired by, not the ones that are inspired. And I added this onto my fun little x-mas wishlist I had going and I'm afraid someone in my family may have gotten it for me and I'm having second guesses on it. I know everything about this probably sounds terrible!! But, does it look too inspired by something else?
  2. Aldo has a few bags that look like knock offs. I saw a Marc Jacobs Stam verison too in the window a few days ago. It looks like a different verison of the Marc Jacobs Hudson/Trish. Only it has it's own shape and size.
  3. ^^ I agree.
  4. ^^ yea I agree as well and they do the same with shoes, a few pair of really cool funky gucci's in particular.I remember seeing almost the exact same shoes i saw in gucci in aldo except they were much cheaper....and cheaper looking as well lol.
  5. it is rather MJ-ish but I think it's quite cute--if you like it, then keep it on the list!
  6. It reminds me of Balenciaga:shrugs:
  7. Well, I would have to say that it reminds of Balenciaga.
  8. It looks like the MJ Trish:

    (Picture from Saks)

    Or, even the Hudson:

    (Picture from eLuxury)
  9. That's what came to my mind also.
  10. Resemebles the Balenciaga hook bags.. and also the Mj trish, yes.
  11. It is similar to MJ. And the small pic of the clutch looks like a Lauren Merkin!
  12. Yup, it totally looks like MJ's Trish striping. If you like it, though, by all means buy it!
  13. I got it... I think I like it. I agree it looks like that MJ Trish bag a lot, but the more I look at it there's differences-- but definitely inspired from it. There seems to be a lot of inspired things from Aldo.