Does sell authentic RM?

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  1. Hi guys,
    I've just discovered RM and want to make my first purchase! Ive seen a bag that I really like on the website and (I know that this is possibly a very stupid question) wanted to know if they are trustworthy and sell authentic Rebecca Minkoff bags?

    I'm sorry if this was a ridiculous question but this will be my first designer handbag and I want to make sure I'm buying the real thing!! :biggrin:

    I'd really appreciate your answers! Thanks.
  2. There currently aren't any fake RMs, so they should be authentic.

    But I never bought from so I can't answer whether they're trustworthy or not.
  3. There are actually fake rms out there one of our mods has a picture I am not sure why she hasn't posted it here but HIPCHICK is legite
  4. I have purchased from them before... Yes, the bags are authentic BUT I must say my transaction did not go smoothly at all.... Their Customer Service stinks IMO... It took me a month to get the bag I ordered.. They sent the wrong bag to me. And it was a nightmare from that point forward...
    If you can't find the bag you want anywhere else, than go for it.. But 2 stores that are awesome are and Try there..... HTH.....
  5. Besides LB and AA, try too. They have alot of great 1 day sales!

    eta- I saw the pics of the 'fake' RMs. They are definitely style copies, but are not true fakes like you see with Coach/LV bags for example.
  6. Where can I find these pictures?

    Regarding thehipchick, didn't a few people complain about their CS?
  7. I think MSG is referring to the pics posted by Desi on Twitter. IIRC she had posted 3 different pics- a beloved, rocker and studded nikki. The only one that was even close was the nikki. These bags did not have RM's NAME on them but were somewhat close in style.
  8. Thanks guys for all your help! I'm going to take your advice and try a different site. I'll keep you posted on how I get on!!
  9. I ordered my first RM from them and had no problems, however, I have heard others who have had issues. . .
  10. Yup, The Hip Chick has got really poor CS, and they have a history of misrepresenting bags on their site as well.

    They also sent me a bag in poor condition, with brownish marks that looked like dirt, probably from their handling. They were really bad to deal with, and I would not recommend dealing with them. Their returns policy is atrocious as well, all handbags are final sale, IIRC. If you get a bag from them in poor condition, it will not be easy trying to get your money back.
  11. I also got great customer service from them when I bought my first RM - Blue Stonewash Nikki.
  12. They also never seem to have sales. I've seen older bags that should be on sale by now still at the full retail price. After awhile bags get a little shopworn and shouldn't be sold at full price.
  13. They do have sale items. The have some Treesje bags on sale atm.
  14. ^^ Compared to other sites their sales are still few and far between. I just looked...they are still selling some RM bags at retail that had been on sale at other sites a long time ago.
  15. Thanks guys for all of your input! I thought I'd give you an update.

    I looked around and couldn't find anywhere else that was selling the bag I want at such a good price. I decided to go through and place the order but now I'm being told I have to fax them proof of my card and identity because it's an international order at such a high price. I don't have access to a fax machine so am not hopeful of being able to order the bag now for the price I wanted :sad: I'm keeping my fingers crossed though!!