Does The Ysl Tribute Bag Have A Lampo Or Ysl Zipper?

  1. HI ALL, I really want the tribute bag, I saw one at online store and it had pics of a lampo zipper? I thought it was supposed to have the stamped ysl zipper. Please help!!!:confused1:

    Thanks in advance,

  2. I just took two pics (one is little blurry-sorry!) of the side zipper on my tribute tote as well as the inside pocket zipper. Hope this helps! I bought my bag at Saks.
    0806072303.jpg 0806072305.jpg
  3. Jagg, in my Downtown I have a Lampo- the stamp is inside, and on the pulling thing ( I hope you understand, I don't know how you call it in English) it's written YSL.
    So it's probably Lampo for YSL
  4. BTW, what online store did you see it in?
  5. Hi there!

    Do you have the Tribute tote or bag or is there no difference between those two?? Is it the large or medium one? I'm a little confused because today I called YSL Germany and they told me that this bag doesn't have a zipper, according to them it has a magnetic metal button (don't know the correct word in English sorriiiiiiiie :rolleyes:...) to close it. I am asking because none of the internet stores shows the interior of this bag and in Europe that bag will not come until beginning of October and I desperately want to know the interior of this bag... so probably yours is the one I'm searching for...I don't know...can you help me out?

  6. The bag closes with a magnetic closure. There is a zippered interior pocket. And, there should be two zippers on the side of the bag, and they should read "Lampo" on the underside. I think "tote" and "bag" mean the same thing - the medium size is about half the size of the larger bag.
  7. Actually, my bag says "YSL" on the underside.
  8. Oh goodness so confusing. It is the interior zipper I am speaking of sorry for the confusion. I just want to make sure it is AUTHENTIC = ) Thanks for the quick responses. Maybe I should just call YSL?
  9. i looked at the zipper of the interior pocket. it is black and it doesn't say anything on it. it's kind of hard to turn it inside out to look, but trust me, the interior zipper pocket is black and does not say anything. it's different from the side zippers.
  10. Guys, I'm there now an outside zipper to close the bag at the top or not?? Doesn't really make sense to have a magnetic closure and a zipper hm?

    Can you please also tell me if the bag can stand? I was told that it has no bottom meaning when you put it somewhere it doesn't stand on its own it lays flat...

    Thank youuu
  11. Aaaaah, now I could figure it out somehow from the pictures...the zipper is AT THE SIDE and the magnetic closure at the top right?? Does that mean you could open the bag with the zipper down to the bottom??
    And I'd also need to know if the bag can stand please...
    Thank you!!!

  12. The bag does not stand. The two little side zippers do not go all the way down.
  13. I think you should call YSL about the bag for clarification. I purchased a Tribute tote, large, in deep purple from Bergdorf's earlier this summer (I ended up returning it). I specifically remember looking at the underside of the zippers and they all said Lampo. The Tribute that I purchased was the smooth patent, not stamped. Maybe the stamped leather ones read differently.