Does the Work.......

  1. Hello, Could someone tell me if the Work fits over your shoulder, does it come with a shoulder strap. Sorry do not know a lot about these bags but the Work looks a great size but I do like to carry bags on my shoulder. Thank you
  2. I just purchased an ink work and I love the size more so than even the city. If the bag is real soft you can carry on shoulder depending on your size, probably not with bulky clothes on, its not supposed to be a shoulder bag so does not come with strap. The size is great!!!:yes:
  3. the work does not come with shoulder sraps. the handles fit on my shoulders fine. you can go to the thread pinned at the top of people wearing their balenciagas and search for work to see some pics.
  4. Thanks Esile and Leatherlover. I do not own any Bal. Bags but they are so lovely and really want a green bag. Love the new colour Green Sapan (think I might have spelt that wrong) but love large bags so thought the Work would suit but only if it will go on my shoulder. Does anyone have a Work Green Sapan?
  5. The work fits on most peoples shoulder. I don't have one yet but I do intend on getting one since lately the city hasn't been holding all the things i need to carry around. It's a great bag.
  6. I have a work and it fits on my shoulder but ifor me it's not as comfortable as the city.