Does the Weekender come in French Blue??

  1. I think this would be my new Holy Grail B-bag if it exists. I am giving up on my dream of an 03 Blue Weekender. Plus the 07 bag would be brand new and all mine :heart:
  2. I think Balenciaga NY got two and sold them pretty quickly and never got them back in stock.

    Good luck on your hunt!
  3. that would be sucha pretty bag!
  4. oh my goodness that would be gorgeous!
    Anyways goodluck finding one! =)
  5. wow, I would love this too! did you find one liz? anybody seen any?
  6. cool!! let me know if you find one, i would love to get one too!!!
  7. FB WE :drool: :drool: :drool: Oh my... hope you find one, it sounds like heaven :yes:
  8. Good luck with your hunt Liz - it would be one amazing bag!
  9. Hmm...Never should have posted it, now I will never get one with everyone else hunting too :sad:

    Oh well, good for my bank/wallet I guess