Does the Wapity fit a Cles?

  1. I tried doing a search on this, I promise:shame: ! I just couldn't find anything. I have a Vernis cles and am wavering on the Wapity- IF it can fit the Cles, a gym card, and a pair of workout wristguards (they roll up teeny). I am crossing my fingers!
  2. I don't think it will fit the cles..
  3. They are pretty close, if not the same, width so I don't think it would fit.
  4. Nah, a vernis cles isn't going to fit without a super struggle. I posted a pic of the mono cles stuffed into the wapity a while back...
  5. Nope, I just bought a framboise cles, it will not fit in my wapity.
  6. You can use the wapity for pretty much the same thing as the cles, so why use both at the same time??
  7. You could always hook your Cles to your Wapity.
  8. that's what I'm thinkin I may do if I get one, but I'm still torn on the wapity myself....I'm just not sure how useful it will be for me, though I want just a tiny little something in white MC, I don't know if this is the right purchase for me.....I've actually walked away from it so many times to purchase something else.....Everyone that has them seems to love them though right?
  9. I don't think it fits the cles.. I had purchased the wapity twice and returned it both times. I think it's so cute and I wanted a little white mc but I like more of a slender and longer wristlet. I wanted it to open wider as well.

    I know that a lot of PFr's love theirs. I guess it's a matter of preference. You can try it out in the store and see if it fits what you need?
  10. yeah, I'm kinda feelin the same way......and I have super tiny wrists too so the wristlet part of it is hard to keep on and then it makes the bag hang down even lower......Actually the SA that was helping me last week suggested I slide it up on my arm b/c she said it would fit and may be less annoying.....I got my perfo cles instead......but other than a cles or a wapity, what other small cute white mc stuff is there???
  11. I tryed to stuff my mono cles in my mono wapity and I couldnt. I also had the idea to hang it from it but I thought it would look a little tacky, or what do you think? is it too much or its ok?
  12. can you try to take a pic of your cles attached to the wapity and see how it looks? I'm having a hard time visualizing it...
  13. I made copies of my "essential" keys and keep them always attached to the Cles- so basically it would mean having to transfer keys to the Wapity when I wanted to make a speedy escape somewhere. I just thought it would be so much easier to just stick the Cles along with my other small essentials in there and not have to worry about holding it in my hand...