does the walnut come only in suede?

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  1. my friend got an amazing astor bag at macy's was more of an "east west" bag than a "north south" and that's what i liked about it...i want it in a lighter color and the sa told me they had it in walnut...i don't want suede and am hoping that walnut is in leather...anyone know? TIA
  2. I believe with the Astor collection walnut is only available in suede. The light brown color leather is called luggage. HTH ;)
  3. I have one that's Walnut, but mine is the astor grommet, and it's leather. I do believe Luv2shop1 is right about the materials option.
  4. Correct me if I'm wrong but aren't walnut and luggage about the same color in the world of MK?
  5. If you go to the Kors website and run a search on "Astor" the only suede options are walnut and and orange (yuck on the orange).

    The SA told me that right now that walnut suede is Michael Kor's favorite bag. Maybe she was making it up, but maybe not!!