Does the vernis turn yellow?

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  1. I see a lot of the light-colored vernis bags (silver, "marshmellow," etc.) with discoloration. That seems a shame... is it like inevitable? Only with the lighter colors?
  2. ^^^I think on the lighter vernis it can happen. My silver vernis PTI is turning a bit on the edges. It looks a bit duller than when I first bought it as well. Probably because its a wallet and gets beaten a bit more than a bag would though. I tend to stick to the darker pieces now that I've seen that happen :biggrin:
  3. That's really annoying and disappointing!
  4. I called LV and asked about that...because I really want a perle item and was scared about the yellowing. The guy on the other end of the phone said, with proper care it shouldn't happen..."proper care" here is could mean üse a handful of times! That being said, I'm going to stick to the darker colors as well.
  5. Light vernis is scary. I would baby the bag so much that it won't be much fun carrying it.
  6. OMGosh, that's SAD!
    I'd sell mine before it happens for sure!

  7. Very true, i take excellent care of my items, even the wallets, and that crap still happened:evil:
  8. Yes!!!! My silver and pink vernis turned a yellowish hue after about 5 years. Do not believe the line "with proper care, it should not turn yellow". I place my bags in the original cotton bags and put it inside my cabinet, away from light and heat, and they still turned yellow. Much worse, amber colored glue residues starte coming out of my silver vernis bag. I brought it to Louis Vuitton for repair, but they could not do anything about it. I will try to post a picture to see how horrible it looks.
  9. I think that is just awful! Spending that much on a bag for it to look like that after only a few years! I'm definately NOT getting anything in perle now.

    Sorry to hear about your silver and pink !
  10. The bag will be dis colored if it comes in contact with darker items.
  11. That has started to happen on the corners of my baby blue thompson street. it's barely noticable, but I really hope it won't worsen.
  12. What's the amber glue residue and what part of the bag would this be seen (if ever this does happen)? I'm looking into getting a Vernis piece (Houston) but I have to rethink that because of this.
  13. it's just on the seams of the bags that stick out.


    see in the corner where the bottom and the side meets? that's where it is. anywhere where there's an open seam. on mine, it's only noticable to me and it's just a few little amber colored dots on the seams. you have to really stare at it to see it. I bought my bag used, so I don't know how long it takes to happen. my bag is at least 6 years old though, and like I said, you can barely see it. I don't know if the houston has any open seams (instead of seams tucked into the inside of the bag, if that makes any sense).
  14. Your bag looks great to me. I have had a light blue vernis for four years and it has no discoloration. This whole thread of do these light vernis bags turn yellow seems odd to me - any light color pocketbook (ESPECIALLY WHITE, PEARL, PINK, SILVER) is going to show more dirt and obviously needs TLC. If you are concerned about keeping the color of your purse preserved and intact you should get a brown or black bag!
  15. I am eyeing a reade PM in marshmallow and this thread is scaring me lol. I have wanted this bag forever and am about to take the plunge. Is there anything you can do to keep the yellowing from happening? I plan on using this reade quite a bit. Do you have to treat the vernis at all or is it already treated? If it's high maintenance maybe I should get another bag though I'd be so disappointed :sad: