Does the VERNIS line mark up easily?

  1. a lot of the bags I see used have marks on them which leads me to think they mark up easily... anyone have this issue with them?
  2. I think thats the colour transfer. I really want an agenda but I'm worried it will get marks.
  3. I definitely wouldn't get a wallet or any everyday purse in this line - just something I would use for special occasions.
  4. i think that the lighter colors are more prone to getting color transfer. I have a few darker vernis pieces and they have no color transfer at all
  5. I have both bags and wallets and the only piece that hasn't fared AS well is the Peppermint Porte Tresor (both styles). They both have a little bit of color transfer..not horrible but it's there if you look. My Fuchsia one is perfect though..I've used that for about 2 and a half years straight and it's still gorgeous. I temporarily switched to the Groom PTI though :yes:
    But it depends a LOT on which color you get. The darker ones will pretty much always be safer and the lighter ones will look used faster. Both may get marks but the ones on the lighter pieces will be more prevalent.
  6. I had a marshmallow greene that use to carry my nokia. Even though the vachetta patinae beautifully. I was really disappointed that the corners of my pocket holder just absorbed dirt so easily. This while being carried in the dustbag in my bel air. :crybaby:
  7. I have a Noisette Agenda, and it's never gotten a mark on it, or any color transfer- even when it sat in the bottom of my red-lined Damier Speedy.
  8. The lighter colours are definitely more dangerous, but you're safe(r) with the darker colours !