Does the Venetia buckle bother you?

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  1. I love the shape of the Venetia bag, and it comes in so many lovely colors, but I think having to unbuckle my bag everytime I needed to unzip it would drive me crazy.

    Does it bother any of you Venetia lovers?
  2. i love and hate that strap. what i do is keep a part of the bag unzipped while the buckle is fastened. the opening is big enough for me to get in and out of.
  3. HAHA i do this too! :lol: i really love the way the venetia looks but I seriously think that strap is so cumbersome. too bad its not just a buckle facade but really a magnetic snap (like my all time favorite Coach satchel)
  4. What a great question! I love the way Venetias look, but haven't purchased one for this reason. I look forward to hearing responses!!!
  5. i've always thought a magnetic trompe l'oeil buckle would be a perfect update to the bag too! i'm wondering if the reason they don't do this is because they think it might look cheap? i've seriously contemplated how i could take my older venetias to a great cobbler and have them somehow execute the vision i have in my head of the bag with the magnetic closure. it'd probably cost a lot, huh?
  6. I do the EXACT same thing! I love this bag, but can't stand to keep the strap open and flopping in the wind.
  7. I thought it would bother me, but it doesn't. When I'm in and out the bag a lot, I usually just tuck the strap in the loop below the buckle (without buckling it).
  8. There's gotta be a way to use slim enough magnetic pieces so you can't tell. I'm thinking the best place would be under the horizontal strap at the end of the thicker vertical strap is (See pic attached)
    I really wonder if a cobbler would be able to execute this w/o completely messing up the bag. If you have a great cobbler, maybe it wouldn't hurt asking? :shrugs: let us know what you find out if you pursue this! :yes:

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  9. Coachfan, yes a good cobbler could do it or send it to someone in their network. My sister had two magnet snaps put under the flap of her Fendi bag. He sent it out and they used the same circular magnetic button style snaps on either side. It look very nice and stays closed now. She took a risk, but they did a great job. Oh, and she only paid $65 for the two snaps and it took about 4 weeks.
  10. It really does not bother me. I either leave it unbuckled or buckled. Whatever. It's not a big deal for me. I love the shape of that bag and it has so much room. I have two and I would definitely buy another.
  11. ^^ Thanks divas for that input! hmm, now to find a GREAT cobbler who could do that and not butcher up the bag :s
  12. Ooh, please let us know how this goes! If it works, I would be excited to try it myself!
  13. It doesn't bother me. I either tuck the strap inside and half zip it closed or I close the buckle and half zip it closed. Like tadpolenyc said, the opening is still big enough to get in and out of. :yes:
  14. I have never seriously considered a venetia exactly for this reason - I require easy access. Sad, because I love the look. There are some good suggestions here though...
  15. I do this as well. I keep all the things I need more often are kept near the opening. :smile:
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