Does the vachetta leather darken if kept in dust bag?

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  1. I am interested in purchasing a LV neverfull that is a 2012. The vachetta leather is much lighter than I would expect. It has a little patina, but for a 2012, I would think it would be really dark. If it was not used much and kept in dustbag, will it patina much? Please advise me if you know. Thank you
    B566FA18-E3AD-4601-9ABC-0A370DDE899C.png D46BDD17-2BD3-462D-852C-4C29F568C32B.png 1574D0B9-EB83-42F9-82D1-A1A818B3B97D.png C7C486ED-6D35-4AFC-A49F-FD0248C824FD.png 3B0D6CA4-FB03-42BA-84AD-3DA790FB2C1F.png 3291A7C9-FBEB-4803-A061-D50422EDB8A2.png
  2. It will patina when kept in a dustbag, just slower as the bag is not exposed to direct sunlight.

    I would get the bag you want to purchase authenticated, either through TPF (the authenticate this thread, read the first page before posting! It requires a link to the item) or use a paid authentication service before purchasing the bag.
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  3. Are you sure this bag is from 2012? From your pictures it tells me otherwise, have it authenticated before purchase.