Does the twiggy or the purse hold more?

  1. Hi all!
    I am trying to decide between the twiggy and the purse. I have the purse style and I love it but, because it is flat, I have to be careful about overstuffing it. I have never carried a twiggy.
    Just wondering if anyone has both and if the twiggy carries more, less, or about the same as the purse. (I also have the city so if someone has the twiggy and the city, the same sort of comparison would be helpful--more, less, about the same).
  2. i've got both & my purse definitely holds more than my twigster :yes:
  3. wow, I am surprised because it is so flat. i thought the twiggy might be between the purse and the city. If it holds less than the purse, then I probably wouldn't wear it. I might have to snag another purse before they become extinct!!
  4. yeppers, the purse definitely holds more, which is why i stopped carrying my twiggy to work :yes: much as i :heart: my twiggy, they're not great at holding alot of's kinda like having a barrel under your arm :P
  5. I put the same essentials in all 3 sizes and it nicely fills (doesnt' look overstuffed) all of them with the City having the most room left over for a little more. But I like the City understuffed because it looks so good with the slouchy look when using the strap. Essentials are: large pochette, long wallet, checkbook, key wallet, big sunglass case, cell, tissues, brush. Yes, I say definitely snag a Purse, it's a great style!
  6. Going for the purse!:yahoo:

    Thanks for helping me with my decision!
  7. I think the purse would be best too!
  8. My twiggy holds a crapload of stuff. I think way more than my city. Sorry I don't have a purse YET.
  9. Oh man, elongreach, now you are confusing me. Does that mean I have to get both another purse and a twiggy??:graucho:
  10. i love the purse!!! it's the same with shopper right?
    it's the style i used the most. it's length is perfect so i can open and close the zipper easily.
  11. The Twiggy is huge! It holds a ton of stuff.... way more than it looks like it will hold.
  12. Just got the grenat purse....hmmmmm what color should I get in the twiggy????
  13. Congrats!!! Where pics?:graucho:
  14. yeppers, you're darn tootin'!!! :lol: