Does the "thought" really count?

  1. I was just reading another thread and it brought me back to Christmas time. Everyone complains when they don't get a gift and it's the "thought" that counts, but when people get gifts they don't like they complain. So, the "thought" doesn't matter any more? So, honestly, when you get a gift do you really care if someone "thought" of you? :p
  2. it honestly depends who thought of me - if it is someone that does not really know me I appreciate the thought and whatever they get me - unless it is total rubbish. I mean there are some fool-proof gifts that you can always give like a nice shower gel (with a nice scent),just something people can always use.

    if the gift is from someone that knows me well and I put thought into I complain when they just get you anything without thinking what you would like.
  3. I think I brought this up in another thread, but I remember reading this thing in Cosmo about why guys give us things like roadside emergency kits and snow shovels for our birthday or Christmas.

    The article went on to explain that guys don't understand why we get pissed off. They want us to have those things because they care about our well-being.

    Which, if you think about, you can appreciate.

    I think that sort of falls into the It's the Thought that Counts category.
  4. Um, ok... Not the point of my thread... :confused1:
  5. My point was that women don't like the idea of getting an emergency roadside assistant kit for their birthday or Christmas.

    You could say that it's the thought that counts, and that he cares about you and looks out for your well-being, hence the roadside kit.

    But if you don't like the idea of getting something like that for your birthday, does the thought really matter right then?

    I'd say it does. I'd be annoyed if it was just that for my birthday, but his intention on giving it to me was sweet.
  6. ^^^You explained it better this time.
  7. Well, if it is really the thought counts then you would like the gift, right? I mean it would be something personal to you. I have had many gifts that I sit back and go, "this isn't me AT ALL." Were they really thinking of me when it was purchased?!? For example: once I received a mouse pad as a gift. A plain simple black mouse pad. I would have been much happier had (actually thought about ME) the gift been pink, girly or if the giver had given me a mouse pad with a photo of my family or kids. Just to give someone something does not constitute thinking of the individual. Therefore I don't consider those gifts thoughtful. And it's not the cost. One of my most favorite gifts I received this Christmas was an ornament that had frogs on it with the names of each of my family members under it. It was personal and I LOVE THAT!!
  8. I think thought does count for something... but what irks me is when people use this as an excuse for a totally thoughtless, cruddy gift. Like, the snow shovel or roadside emergency kit, at least some thought went into that, if a little misdirected. When someone just gives you some peice of crud just to say they got you something, then I'd say the thought doesn't really count. I'd rather get nothing at all than something so inappropriate/ugly/useless that I'm insulted by having received it!
  9. I agree with Syntagma - a bad gift can say alot about how little thought was put into the purchase. It's not always about the price of the item or the usefulness but about how it relates to you.
  10. ^^^ I agree. You should have seen some of the junk I got last Christmas. I would have preferred nothing.
  11. It is the thought that counts for me - I appreciate the time they took to shop for me no matter what they got me.
    Unless however the person went out of their way to give me something they knew I would not like just to be mean. That person would need some counseling then.
  12. Not necessarily. What you will like is the affection and love with which the gift was selected and presented.

    Even if the actual gift itself is so totally not something that you would ever need or use or like, even if it goes directly into the Re-Gifting closet, you will place it there with a smile on your face, and a bloom of warmth in your heart, and it is that affection and love that you will pass forward as you carefully consider who might really get a kick out of those pink flannel shortie pajamas with the big cartoon cows.**

    **An actual gift I personally received, see "Worst Gift" thread...:shrugs:
  13. O/T but why do people regift? If you didn't like it, why would someone else? Some stuff should just be thrown out. :yucky:

  14. LOL No Doubt! :roflmfao:
  15. Ohh yes.... this proves then it isn't the thought that counts with me!?! lol:roflmfao:

    You know what's crazier? Those PJ's actually sound pretty cute! HEE HEE