Does the Sukey come in ebony leather trim?

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  1. Hi ladies and gents!:biggrin:
    I was wondering if any of you experts here knew if the Sukey large version ever came in ebony leather trim? I've seen it in the brown and off white trim at Saks Fifth Avenue...been drooling over it for the last few days..just so pricey for me right now. I saw one on ebay from a pretty legit seller..all the other bags look authentic from the ones I've owned...I dont know how to post ..the tags look legit..but thought I would just ask as I am not so good with getting all the links and posting them up. Her bags are from Neiman Marcus outlets I think..tags and all...she stand 1000% behind them and her feedback is excellent.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated..that way I can either go for it or scadoodle to Saks! Angie :P
  2. Hmm, has it in black you mean that or dark brown trim? I have yet to see it in dark brown trim. You should post seller's pics in the authenticate Gucci thread.
  3. It does?! Cool beans! Its just that the one I saw at Saks had the GG logo stamped all over the leather top of the bag and on the NM site they have it but without the GG logo stamp print on the front and back leather top of bag trim. The seller mentioned that she bought it at a NM outlet and her feedback was fantastic. I just dont know enough about Sukey to know any better. I thought it was like a dark brown but the pic was black and states it as that. It's a bit less expensive than at Saks so every penny saved helps me right now! I would post links but I have such a hard time with them. All the other bags match up tag wise, logo, trim, etc. Thank u so much for your help..I'll check on then...thanks a bunch! Angie :smile::yahoo:
  4. You're welcome! Yeah the black guccissima leather trim is no longer available or never was available on I dunno. It was sorta limited release.
  5. Yup, the first release of the Sukeys all came with the Guccissima leather trim and it was limited only to that first season. And yes, it did come with the black guccissima trim...even on
  6. Thanks flipchickmc:biggrin:!
    They had one in off white at Saks here in town and it had the leather trim in GG logo imprint..which I believe is what is the guccissima trim?? I am at 98% I am going to purchase the one I found on ebay. I found the identical at and she's got receipts and everything and great'll save me some pennies too!!:graucho: I guess I was just used to seeing the gucci bags with canvas or logo trim in dark brown leather trim or off white.

    Thanks for your help! :smile:Angie