Does the St Louis corners wear faster with bag organizer inside?

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  1. I thought it would help disperse weight and help prolong the corners (inevitable to holes from what I heard) but I found a comment on youtube that stated thats how corners wear faster.. any help would be appreciated
  2. I have a clear plastic base shaper and a bag organizer in my Goyard St. Louis GM and no issues at all. The base shaper is cut slightly shorter and has rounded corners.
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  3. My St louis always has the organizer inside and I could see the corners wearing more since the corners are protruding out of the bag more with the bag organizer inside. This is the same with any tote I own, Chanel GST, Hermes Birkin, LV Neverfull...
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  4. which brand of organizer you are using?
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  5. I currently use a felt organizer from Amazon, its pretty lightweight