Does the Sprouse scarf come in a bandeau?

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  1. I tired to do a search and came up with some confusing results :confused1:. I want to know if the Stephen Sprouse scarfs also came in bandeau form (I think I already know the answer is NO :sad:)?

    Im so silly. I finally have enough saved to buy an Azur speedy now but I find things on eBay that I don't need and I push that purchase back. I NEED a new bag. I don't need a scarf in May!!!! So Im kinda hoping you girls can give me info on the bandeau. And also the price of the regular scarf retail value (silk not cashmire).

    I just need to show some self control for one more week then I am going to buy my speedy on my day off next Weds. I was also hoping to get a new Pomme cles and a Hermes twilly but my doggie needs an allergy test (almost $200 :wtf:). Oh well, my child-dog comes before purses. Thanks for any info!!!
  2. I don't think so. The only Sprouse bandeau-ish one was this one ($225):

    All the rest are regular scarves including the cashmere ones.
  3. Thanks babydoll. That one is sort of bandeau-ish. You think this whole line has been sold out long ago???
  4. Actually, I thought the whole line had already...but I just got that scarf last week and my store also had the other regular silky scarf. both are pictured here:
    Also, the store had all 3 color variations of the silky solid leopard print scarves. I think if you call the 866 number, you should be able to find something.