Does the sponginess of your Teri bag flatten?

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  1. As the title mention... i just gotten my MbMJ Teri and have been using it for the past two weeks. I realised that one strap has begin to lose it's sponginess (hope you gals know what i am trying to say.. ha) and i actually felt sad. Is this the norm or am i carrying too much heavy stuff? :crybaby:

    I feel stupid worrying about the bag wearing out....:shame:
  2. Haha.. don't worry, I'm sure we all know what you're talking about!
    My Teri's handles are flat now, they don't have the bounciness and sponginess that they originally had.

    I think it's a normal process, along with the leather starting to get softer and saggier. But on the flip side, the leather is super smooth and soft now, so it all balances out!
  3. it's norm... i felt the exact same way!