does the speedy has a d-ring inside?

  1. i falt so but i'm not sure. I want to buy a cute pouch to attach to it in the future
  2. Yes it has D ring. I put my keys on that D ring.You can put your pouch or anything that has hook or clip.
  3. yes
  4. thanks!
  5. The answer is yes. But it also depends the style of speedy bags. Some of them don't have the D-ring, such as Murakiami speedy.
  6. oh.. i am thinking of buying the 25
  7. sorry, monogram canvas
  8. Okay. Yes, all monogram canvas speedy bags have the D-ring.
  9. Vintage French Company Speedys do not have anything inside - no open pocket or d-ring.
  10. oh yes!

    you are right!
  11. I love D rings. I wish all bags had them. I'm so glad that Coach has <strike>ripped off</strike> borrowed that feature for so many of their new bags.