Does the softness of PS1 leather depend on size?

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  1. Happy Valentine's day!

    So I started out with a medium size and it was a nice slightly structured slightly soft bag which was perfect for what I needed. Then I got an xlarge which was the leather was divine. It was smushy and felt like butter. Then I got a large and the leather is a little more stiff, more similar to the medium size feel. Does the stiffness/dryness, that's really the wrong word but I can't think of a better word off the top of my head, pliability maybe? correlate with the size or does it happen as the leather gets older and I need to condition the leather? Thank you!!
  2. Happy Valentines :heart:

    I think the stiffness depends on a lot of things, the color/dye, leather thickness and the type of leather. Using a conditioner could perhaps make the leather softer. I know there were reports here a couple of years ago about the "new" thicker leather compared to the previous seasons. I think it's back to the less structured leather now. It's a bit confusing and I think you have to feel it in person.
  3. Haha thank you so much for your insight! What sort of conditioner do you recommend? I have bick 4 that I've used on my shoes and I have the conditioner coach sells as well. I don't want to affect the coloring of my bag. Thank you!