Does the small flap do the same job as the medium/large flap?

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  1. Hi, sorry, I keep putting the wrong the questions in the place! So please excuse me while I still learn the ropes of TPF. :p

    Anyway, I would appreciate comments from tpf'ers who have the small classic flap and those who have the medium/large flap.

    I notice there is only a small difference in the dimensions of the bag but I would like to know if there is a big difference in functionality?
    And am I right that there are only 3 sizes for the classic flap - the small, medium/large and jumbo size?

    Please do let me know what you think! Thanks!
  2. I was looking at the small and medium/large this weekend and I think the extra space of the m/l is worth the $125 price difference. I have a large wallet and I couldn't fit much else into the small, whereas the m/l left room for my phone, etc. I would probably use a smaller wallet with that bag, but the small is just so small.

    I think there is a mini, so that would be a total of 4 sizes, but I could be wrong about that.
  3. ^i think ther are 4 sizes; mini/baby, meduim/large, large and jumbo? The mini flap is very small I had it and a day later I exchanged it for an extra £180/$360 to get the meduim as it had nearly double the space
  4. I prefer the small, personally. I think it looks a touch more elegant with evening-wear. It holds my wallet, cell phone, keys, plus a bit of makeup just fine.
  5. I'm pretty sure Chanel uses terms mini, medium, east west, large, and jumbo, but now I'm second guessing myself......I remember being told by Chanel a few times they don't use the term small....
  6. I also prefer the small. I tried on both and ended up getting the small size. The small flap definitely adds a bit more elegance with evening wear yet can also be casual-chic when worn with jeans. It may not hold much but can still hold the basic essentials. There's not much difference compared to the medium; I think it's a personal preference. I'm 5'4", about 103lbs and even though the medium is THE popular choice and looked ok on me, I thought the small looked a bit better. To me, the flap style is not meant to hold much (which is why I'm not a fan of the jumbo size) so I based my decision on the 'look' of the bag size + how it looks on me, rather than "how much it holds". If I want a bag that holds a lot, I would choose another style and not the flap. However, the medium would still be a good choice since it's not a dramatic size difference as oppose to the jumbo size.
  7. Thank you all for giving me your input! :woohoo:Keep it coming!!!

    Anyway, I think Lola is right, they call it baby/mini, medium, east west, large and jumbo here in Australia.

    I think everyone who is referring to small is probably means the medium here down under! Really, im confused with all the sizes now. It would be great if someone had the dimensions for all these!
  8. ^ I made a thread asking this question do a search I cant remember the name, something like are ther 4 classic flaps. People gave me the dimensions under that thread
  9. If the small flap I think you're referring to is the east/west, I personally don't think it fits a whole lot of stuff. I love mine, they're gorgeous but all I can manage is a wallet and some make-up, and my cell phone if I'm lucky. I usually end up carrying SOMETHING in my hand when I go out with it. I want a medium size next! :smile:
  10. No, it's not the east/west.