Does the small Antigona look unbalanced or silly to you?


meow, meow
Feb 27, 2011
For me I feel like the medium is too cumbersome, but the small seems...... odd. Really odd. Less of a small and more of a 'toy' size. I am kind of liking it in a way, I do want the small size (it has a crossbody strap, right? Please say yes!) but I think I need some reassurance that it doesn't look too mini, like those mini MK bags? Yuck.

Would any small antigona owners like to chime in & feed or kill this possible purchase of mine? :biggrin:
The small Antigona doesn't really look like a toy if it is on the right body size. Ideally suited for petite wearers, I would say if you're taller than 5-7, it would look too smallish on you. The capacity of the small is nice. I would say similar to the Speedy 30 or Balenciaga City. Unfortunately, the strap would not serve as a crossbody. It would strictly be a shoulder bag strap. The handle drop is nice and fits over your arm even with a jacket or coat.

Search the Givenchys in Action thread. You will find modshots with the small.

Here I am with the med MB Ant and small Black Ant. I am 5-4

I've wanted Antigona for a very long time. Medium is too big for me, so I really wanted a small one. But everytime I tried it on it looked funny on me, somehow not proportional and too small. I'm 5'7 .