Does the Small Agenda come in Amarante?

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  1. I just ordered the small agenda in mono, but if it comes in amarante, i may have to reconsider/exchange. I went to macys today to LV, the amarante is so pretty, the french purse was adorable in it, it would be so pretty in an agenda.
  2. Nope, it does come in pomme, though.
  3. the SAs keep telling me it may come out later, that they come out as soon as theirs a shipment available, so i don't know whats happening and i dont think the SA's really have a clue either lol.
  4. I hear it may in the future.....can you wait?
  5. vuitton hotline said no there isn't any in production.
  6. maybe because pomme was so hot, they don't think people would buy another that fast?
  7. Just got my monogram in the mail today. i love it so much. :biggrin:. So I'm all good. :tup:
  8. It came out on Saturday!!! :tup:
  9. ??????? :confused1: Do you mean the Agenda in Amarante came out this past Saturday?????
  10. Eh? Already?! Give the store a ring, Angie.
  11. I shall do that Right NOW!!!! :p Will let you gals know.
  12. Attagirl! :tup:

    You could be our first to have this beautiful gem. :drool:
  13. Store has confirmed (Horton Plaza in San Diego) that it came out on the 1st of September but they don't have one in stock yet. They won't get it for 2 weeks. Time to go hunt for oneeeee. :push:
  14. Waitlist! Waitlist! :choochoo:

    Where did your order your small mono from, if it's a LV store can you swap your order for this?
  15. I am going to waitlist with that super nice lady at Fashion Valley LV boutique. hehehe. Neiman Marcus just said they will probably have it tomorrow or Wednesday.

    Hmm... the OP said she had it shipped. I wonder if she can exchange it for the Amarante. Woohooo I have been dying to get something in this color.