Does the 'shade' of bag vary between two exact colors?

  1. Just curious - as I am so new to the whole Chloe obsession... Just bought my first one last week. From reading a lot of the threads, it seems that there can be some differences in the actual "shade" of the color even though two bags may be the "exact" same color. For example some whiskey's look more orangy than others. I realize too that photos are going to vary from camera to camera and computer to computer, but overall - what do you guys think? I have asked this question at both boutiques and they said there is NO difference of color from bag to bag when they are exactly the same color name. Of course the leather might have variations, but the actual color they are telling me will be exactly the same. Since you guys are the real pros :yes: I thought I would run this question by you. I can't go to a store in person - so I apologize for such trivial questions, but it is this kind of thing that I need to know when asking someone I have never met to pick out a very expensive handbag for me...
  2. Well, the thing with Chloe is that different parts of the leather on the paddington may vary. For instance, on my chocolate paddy there are spots where it is lighter or redder than another part. On my whiskey paddington the leather on the sides is lighter. The bag isn't made from 1 continuous piece of leather. It is pieces of leather. Since leather was once a living breathing thing certain parts of the bag will aborb the dye better than other parts. Think of it this way...if you have dry skin and someone throws paint on your skin. The very dry parts will make the paint "stick" more than the moisturized part. Does this make sense?

    Some say that some whiskey paddingtons are more "orange" than others. I don't think the dye color the company makes is different, I just think different leathers adopt to the dye differently.
  3. Thanks LG - I was hoping you'd respond to this. That makes perfect sense to me. This is the only downfall to ordering something without actually seeing it first. We have no retailer even close in the area that carries these types of bags so I guess you start worrying about things that if you saw it in person - you probably wouldn't even question. I have only had Balenciaga's in the past and they do differ a lot from bag to bag within the same color, and I was curious about Chloe. Sometimes it is the smallest detail that will either turn me off of something or turn me on to it. Again - I appreciate your knowledge and once more - Thanks!:flowers:
  4. Definitely. Lordguinny made a really good point about the leather once being a living thing. As a really nice SA once answered me when I asked about a mark on a Silverado, " the poor thing must have had a pimple" ;)
  5. minicoop, that's hilarious and very clever of the SA to put it that way! I whether the whiskey you pick is more "orange" or "rust" colored you'll have the best of both worlds - a muscade and orange paddington mixed into one! :yes: But, iluv2shop, I know what you mean by one characteristic of a bag tainting your entire experience. Back when I was on the whiskey Edith hunt I ordered two at the same time because I knew the leather varied from bag to bag. The first one came and was beautifully pebbled and smooshy. The second one came and was smooth with no pebbles or scrumples. I immediately sent the second one back. But what if I never ordered the first one? I would have gotten the second one and sent it back thinking Edith's weren't for me! The leather is a BIG factor in choosing a beautiful Chloe. And even then it is a personal choice. Some people like the smooth leather over the smooshy one - or vice versa. But for a $1600 bag you want to make sure you are making the right choice. I bought my whiskey paddington sight unseen. When she came I knew she was for me so I didn't keep hunting.

    If you don't have the opportunity to see the bag in person I'd still order it. Don't let our opinions color too much of your own personal taste. I personally like the stronger orange tones in my paddington, even if that ends up not being the "thing"!

    Oh, btw, lighting will totally impact how "orange" whiskey paddingtons look in photos. Take a look at my bag under different camera options and room lighting. Take a look at all 4 photos of the same bag...they are different colors in each one! :lol: The last one is the one it most resembles IRL.
    pebbleswhiskey.jpg m-whisky04.jpg leatherwhiskey.jpg whiskey.jpg
  6. thanks minicoop! you made me:roflmfao:
    LG - do you have any sisters and if not would you like to adopt one? :yes: How generous of you to put up all those photos for me to compare...
    I love this place and everyone who lives here...