Does the Roxbury look better in pomme or armante?

  1. What do you honestly think...does the roxbury look better in pomme d'amour or amarante? thanks
  2. Pomme for sure.
  3. I have it in Pomme and LOVE it....and IMHO I like it better in Pomme! It is such a unique shaped bag...and I think the Pomme makes it stand out even more!
  4. I own it pomme too and love it...but, have been eyeing the new colour amarante...two roxbury's would be a tad much though and pomme suits my personal style more....I think I just talked myself out of it....yeag
  5. I have to go with Pomme, but then again I like the Pomme color more on anything :smile:
  6. I saw both of them at the store yesterday and I thought the pomme looked better...especially when the patina starts to turn, I think.
  7. Pomme! :yes:
  8. I agree with the others that its better in pomme but hey its each to their own!

    If you love it in amarante then you should get that one.
  9. I think I prefer it in Pomme as well...but I think both are gorgeous.
  10. I think in this style, pomme d'amour :smile:
  11. I have the pomme but if I had to choose would get the Amarante.
  12. I have it in Amarante and love it. Although, as you may know from my posts, I LOVE THE ROXBURY DRIVE! To me this is like comparing apples and oranges! I would love to have it in Pomme too!
  13. Pomme d'amour :tup:
  14. I think I like it best in Pomme.
  15. Pomme. Amarante is just too dark with patina...