Does the RM website offer shipping insurance?


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May 10, 2006
"The Good Life"
I'd do some checking around other sites that sell RM bags to save some $$. There are some Matinee's on sale at lunaboston I believe and there might be some kind of online coupon you can use. What color are you wanting to get?
Yes, sadly I missed the sample sale :sad:

I'm looking for a dark grey matinee. I looked on some sites and the RM website was the only one where I could find it. The only reason I'm worried about insurance on the package is because if it's insured the post office will bring it back with them and I pick it up there as opposed to them leaving in my building lobby and taking the chance of someone stealing it.

Does anyone know of any sites where they sell the dark grey AND have shipping insurance? Thanks in advance :smile: