does the reissue 227 still retail for $2095 or

  1. ...was that part of the price hike? Has anyone heard what colors might come out next?
  2. I thought the 227 was around $2400? And the 226 was $2100++. The 225 is $1950. :yes:
  3. that's for the patent one. not sure about the distress
  4. I was looking at the dark silver a few months back and the 227 was $2395.
  5. Stacy the prices on the reissue increased with the metallic and patent bags. I'm sure the new higher prices are here to stay.
  6. Stacy- I paid 2095 for my 2005 227 reissue after the price hike...
  7. :wtf:
    Where? where? I so want one:nuts:
  8. thanks so much all! So I guess if you can find a 2005 they kept the price the same but the 2007 that are available are now at the higher price.
  9. Yes, that's right.