does the "purse" style fit over your shoulder?

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  1. if you're not built like Nicole Richie? TIA
  2. Yes, definitely. Harder over a big bulky coat, though.
  3. Yes, and the handles stretch.
  4. Here is pic...and as you can see I'm not built like Nicole;) ......

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  5. I LOVE the Purse style and I will have one soon!:love: :love:
  6. Get 'em quick - this is it!!
  7. yes definitely, very comfy.
  8. fromparis, that looks really nice on you.
  9. fromparis - that looks awesome on you! Now, can I find a black one anywhere?
  10. The purse style is very lovely!
  11. Fromparis, thanks for posting the pic. The Purse looks fab on you!
  12. yes...the purse will fit over the shoulders.
    i am about 5'9 and it fits over my shoulder with no problem!
    i am actually trying to find one in black as well. i have a white one right now, and i love it!
  13. Yes, it will fit over the shoulder but probably not with a bulky coat. I was told that the handles will "drop" a little with wear.
  14. Pfers told me to put some weight in it and hang it from the handles. One night made a difference!
  15. YES, they do!!!! The purse style is great!!!! (I think it is alot more feminine than the city)