does the pst have any problems?

  1. i think most of u know that i am longing for a pst. but the thing is i can't buy it in a store so i'm gonna make them ship it to me, but i can't inspect the bag or anything. so wat i want to know is, does the bag have any problems ? leather tears? loose stiching? were there anything wrong with it?

    much help! thanks
  2. I ordered mine without seeing it and it arrived in perfect condition. I love it to death.
  3. I purchased mine in person from NM, but I looked over a few of them and they were all pristine, I think you will be fine. I adore this bag and I am now thinking of getting a GST to keep it company!
  4. It's luck. If you're lucky, you get one without any problem or just minor defect.
  5. i've had mine for maybe 4 months now. i bought it from a chanel boutique here in hk. before it turned a month old, i already had problems with loose stitching and a screw coming off from the rings. BUT having said that, i still love my PST to death. chanel customer service was excellent, too. they repaired my bag for free and were very apologetic about it. it is my first (and only) chanel (for now). and i think it is one classic piece.
  6. I think you should be fine ... I personally don't have a PST but from what I hear they hold up great!
  7. i'm buying it from Nordstrom, you think the chanel boutique can still repair it for me if anything happens?
  8. :yes:
  9. but does anyone know if i ordered it from Nordstrom. would chanel help with repairs and not charge me money? cux in the end i bought a CHANEL bag u know?
  10. Nordstrom customer service is excellent. Their number one priority is the customer. If something happens that is not obvious normal wear and tear they will send the bag out for repairs for free for up to a year after purchase. If your bag is defective and you don't want it repaired they will refund your money. I only buy my Chanel bags from Nordstrom now; their customer service is beyond excellent and their credit card has the lowest interest rate of any other card I own. Once you're an established customer you can basically ask for anything you want. :biggrin:
  11. You should be fine, mine was in good nick.