Does the PST come in red?

  1. What color is the hardware? Thanks!
  2. I've never seen red PST.
  3. i think a few years ago, there was a red PST, but thats a while back, like 03 or 04?
  4. there was a red lambskin PST, can't remember the h/w color.
    Is there one in the Reference Library?
  5. silver HW I recall, I think I actually have a Janpanese magazine that has a pic of it.
  6. i believe they are coming out with a new darker red called bordeaux. it will be with silver hardware. HTH
  7. Last time I was in my local Chanel in Saks, they had a red lambskin one w/ silver h/w. HTH.

    This was about a few weeks ago.
  8. You're right. I remember now. There was PST in Red with gold hardware.
  9. i have a red distressed calfskin PST with gunmetal color HW. it's pretty cool, different and edgy. i bought it earlier this year.