Does the print/color of this bandeau work on my mono beaubourg?

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  1. Okay, ladies - would like your input. I wanted to dress up my beaubourg to make it a little more girly. While I've been able to find many pictures, I've not been able to find one with this particular scarf/bag combo. Do the colors & pattern of my leopard charms bandeau work well or should I choose a different bandeau? TIA!
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    I personally think it's a little too busy. I think one of the bandeaus with the LV logo or animal print would look better
  3. Thanks! That was my fear, as well. I love the pop of color with it but was concerned about the pattern. Maybe I'll try my monogram wallpaper bandeau.
  4. i think the mono bandeau might look better...
  5. Yea it looks way too busy. The bandeau is a nice pop of color but it doesn't match the bag.
  6. I also think that it looks a bit busy. I think something with a solid colour would look better!
  7. Too busy for me, the leopard is perfect on mono so perhaps you could try that one instead ;)
  8. You can't go wrong with solid colors! :smile:
  9. agree, its a little busy
  10. image-1895845647.jpg

    I always use my mono leopard scarf....the tomes match nicely
  11. I like busy, so I'm not bothered by it. But clearly I'm not in the majority here ;) I think it will depend a lot on your outfit as well.
  12. Thanks, all. I'm not big on "tone on tone" - find it a bit blah. Maybe I need to buy the hot pink leopard scarf and try it - that would satisfy my need for that pop of color & contrast that I crave without being as busy. Hmmm.....
    Look what I found for you!
  14. Now that's what I'm talking about :smile: Thanks!
    (PS @ jessicalistic: now that I've had my leopard charms bandeau on for several days, I find I love it. I think the flash made it stand out & look more vivid on the bag than it does IRL, and the background of the bandeau is the same as the background of the mono print. Guess I'm now in the minority with you lol. But I think this hot pink one would look fab!)